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The LE CALVEZ Group is strongly committed to a sustainable development approach, and strives to meet the following key objectives:

  • Achieve compliance with the general national and European guidelines for good environmental practice.
  • Develop the economic profitability of its societies by reducing energy consumption and pollution.
  • Improve active social and societal participation on a daily basis, and the responsibility of employees at their work place.


Charte ADEME
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The LE CALVEZ Group is aware of the crucial importance of environmental protection and sustainable development issues.
It is proud to be the first Breton road transporter to have assessed its Carbon Footprint in 2009, and the first to have signed the ADEME Charter for the voluntary reduction of CO2 emissions in 2010.

  • The results of this Carbon Footprint analysis have helped to prioritise the actions to be taken in order to reduce the carbon emissions.
  • Consequently initiatives have been put in place to reduce CO2 emissions and this commitment has been formalised by signing the ADEME Charter on 2 February 2010, underpinning its environmental preservation and sustainable development efforts.

In 2016, the LE CALVEZ Group is awarded the CO2 Label by ADEME, AFT and the Ministry of Sustainable Development, reserved for companies with a remarkable level of environmental performance.

The LE CALVEZ Group becomes the first road transporter in Britanny with the CO2 label and one of the leading transport companies in France.

Ever keen to protect the environment and match the commitments undertaken with ADEME, the LE CALVEZ Group has committed to a proactive policy :

  • Modernisation of material resources: 90% of its fleet to be equipped with Euro 5 vehicles by the end of 2013.
  • Employee training for optimised use of the vehicles. Under the reponsibility of the HSEQ Manager, who reports directly to the CEO, the Le Calvez Group employs 7 instructors whose mission is to train our drivers in the important principles of eco-driving and engage in a virtuous cycle.


The instructors’ mission goes well beyond the scope of eco-driving. Ensuring the protection of its employees’ health and safety is an absolute priority. Each year, the LE CALVEZ Group develops and commits to health and safety initiatives in an aim to continuously improve the safety of its employees.

This approach is based on several core processes:

  • Participation in the recruitment of new drivers
  • Employee training on hiring and at every step of their career with the company
  • Event analysis
  • Participatory approach for the purchase of vehicles and handling equipment: creation of specifications
  • It is equally to committed to recognising and showcasing good practices.

Its efforts to provide a safe working environment extend beyond the company risk management policy: aspects relating to work accidents, quality of service, and dispute prevention are also covered by the in-house training provided to employees.

The effectiveness of the employee training is evaluated by setting objectives and indicators which have been analysed monthly. Any shortcomings noted with respect to these objectives are dealt with immediately.


Every year, 500 drivers from the LE CALVEZ Group cover more than 34 million kilometres. For the company, the main risk is therefore road safety risk.

  • The LE CALVEZ Group, recognised for its corporate road safety initiatives in 2003 with an award from CARSAT, is at the forefront of road risk prevention and has developed widely recognised expertise in the management of these risks.
  • The HSEQ Manager is actively involved with the Brittany-based SRE 29 club which provides a network for companies wishing to take decisive action in the field of road safety.


The LE CALVEZ Group is also actively engaged with the police department in the prevention of substance abuse.


Certificat AFAQ
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The hazardous materials transport activities have been ISO 9001 certified since 1993.

The LE CALVEZ Group’s corporate philosophy corresponds perfectly to the requirements of this standard. It believes in:

  • Listening to the clients,
  • Prioritising client satisfaction,
  • Continually improving its services

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