Human Resources Policy

« Nothing is done without men and women ». Jean-Jacques LE CALVEZ

Our company builds its projects around its employees, driven by strong values of involvement, respect for the individual and collective economic performance..


  • Due to the nature of its various lines of operation, the LE CALVEZ Group, through its Human Resources Department, implements specific hiring procedures. These include driving tests, technical tests (logic, conduct, knowledge,…), open-house days to provide job candidates with an opportunity to find out more about the company before joining, a supervised induction programme for new drivers, and the approval of hires by company instructors.
  • Depending on the profile of new hires, the Group also engages the services of external specialists.


  • The Group attaches great importance to developing tools that foster a sense of fulfilment among employees, and to creating a stimulating social environment.
  • Through annual appraisal interviews, management and supervisory staff are able to detect employees’ wishes in terms of career development, as well as their needs in terms of training and the promotion of mobility.
  • Many employees now in positions of responsibility initially joined the company as drivers or operators.
  • An interview system aimed at employees in the latter stages of their careers has been put in place in one of the company’s subsidiaries to promote job security among older employees, and will soon be replicated throughout the group.


The LE CALVEZ Group invests significantly in training :

  • When it comes to training the LE CALVEZ Group focuses on its HSEQ department, composed of a Director, Manager, 7 instructors, and a dozen tutors and supervisors. The team provides several in-house training programs: Compulsory periodic training (FCO), rational FCO, rational driving, prevention of road risk and disputes, accident prevention in the workplace, CACES training in operating mobile work equipment and equipment used for lifting loads, etc.
  • The highly technical nature of our work requires specialised training in areas such as gas, hydrocarbons, and frozen products.
  • Our instructors accompany drivers in putting new vehicles into service.
  • The Group has put in place specific monitoring of drivers who have been involved in accidents.
  • For one of its subsidiaries, the LE CALVEZ Group has carried out an experimental evaluation of psychosocial risks, and an action plan has been implemented. Sophrology sessions have also been tried out with sedentary employees, with a view to reducing work-related stress.
  • Training expenditures are equal to 4% of payroll (in comparison to the compulsory 0.9% required by the training policy).

School Alternation

  • In line with its policy of school alternation launched two years ago, the LE CALVEZ Group welcomes eight new alternatives students for all branches in 2016-2017 on transport, logistics, workshop and tertiary functions ranging from Youth Training (NVQ Level 1,2) at Master. The objective is to train them in our business and to accompany us in the development of the Le Calvez group.


  • The Human Resources function is fulfilled by a ten-person strong team headed by 2 Human Resources Directors and a Manager who, together, adopt a simple, people-oriented approach to human relations within the company’s various subsidiaries.
  • To involve employees in the performance of the Group’s companies, profit-sharing agreements have been signed in each subsidiary so that employees can share in the profits of the subsidiary they belong to.
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