Structure of the Group

Le Calvez SAS_CMJN

The Le Calvez Group is made up of a holding company, LE CALVEZ SAS, the parent company whose head office is based in Brest. Specialised in 4 areas of activity, each of these activities is housed by a legally independent subsidiary :

Le Calvez Surgelés

Logo-LeCalvez-SurgelesTGC Surgelés Le Calvez

  • Transport, collection, and delivery of frozen products in France and its bordering countries
  • Warehousing, stock management, and delivery of frozen products.

Le Calvez Transports

  • Gas transport and logistics

Le Calvez Hydrocarbures

  • Hydrocarbon transport

Le Calvez Agro

  • Transport of live poultry and agri-food co-products

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